Why do I need Autocode?

When fitting a towbar with a vehicle specific wiring kit (VSK), many vehicles need coding after fitting for the vehicle to recognise the fact that it is towing.

VSK’s are becoming more and more popular for towbar installations. Fitting a VSK is the recommended system for most modern vehicles, providing consumers with all the benefits manufacturers’ code into their vehicle management systems to make towing a safe and reliable experience.

Many motor vehicle manufacturers design into their cars electrical systems the ability for the car to recognise when a trailer has been connected. The vehicle will then alter its characteristics to help create a safe towing environment for the vehicle and its passengers. This technology requires a high level of expertise and the installation of vehicle specific electrics should only be undertaken by specialists. Some manufacturers and insurance companies now insist that vehicle specific rather than universal wiring kits are fitted.

The activation of vehicle specific electrics is often done by a main dealer, however the Autocode service tool means you no longer need to rely on main dealer support.

The Autocode service tool means you can offer a complete service in your own workshop without the hassle and cost of sending a vehicle to a main dealer to have the towing electrics activated after a towbar and vehicle specific wiring kit have been fitted, thereby saving you time and money.

  • Save time
  • Save money / increase revenue
  • Offer a complete service
  • No requirement for main dealer support